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Turn to an AV® -Rated Law Firm When You Have Insurance Claims Issues

We help resolve insurance problems in Florida accident litigation

At Baker & Baker, an AV®-rated personal injury law firm in Pensacola, we know from experience that insurance coverage issues can be a lot more complicated than simply identifying the liable parties, their insurer and their coverage. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses, and they make it their business to keep more money for themselves and their shareholders than they pay out on claims.

Unfortunately, if you have been injured in a car accident, a truck or motorcycle crash, or as the result of a slip-and-fall or defective product, all you know is that you are hurt and that somebody else caused your pain. As your professional injury claims lawyers, we make it our business to ensure that the responsible parties pay. One way we do that is through the careful management of the insurance aspects of the case. In most cases, recovery of damages comes from the defendants’ insurers. There are also times, however, when your own insurance company may be responsible for paying, as in the case of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. If you are having problems with your own insurance company, it may be acting in bad faith, which is a separate cause of action under Florida law. We make insurance companies live up to the bargain they made when they wrote you a policy and charged you premiums.

Finding all sources of insurance coverage to recover damages

In accident cases, we look for avenues of compensation that may include:

  • The other driver’s car insurance liability coverage
  • Your own uninsured and underinsured motorist benefits
  • Your own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance benefits
  • Your own medical payments (“med pay”) insurance benefits
  • Your own health or medical insurance
  • Your own disability insurance
  • In some cases, the negligent party’s or your own homeowner’s liability and umbrella coverage

No matter how much insurance is available, it’s easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes in the presentation, timing, sequence and documentation of insurance claims. It’s also important to thoroughly understand the terms of any waiver you sign when settling with an insurer. You might be giving your right to pursue other insurers to the company you settled with. To protect your rights, work with our experienced Pensacola personal injury attorneys. We know what you are entitled to receive, and we know how to help you get it.

If you need help with an accident injury insurance claim, call us

Our personal injury attorneys have been helping people in and around Pensacola for more than 25 years. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your matter, please call us at 850-316-8247 or contact us online.

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