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How Our Investigation of Injury Claims Can Help You Recover Damages

Successful outcomes grow from thorough investigations

At Baker & Baker, we know that we owe our AV® rating in no small part to our legal team’s ability to preserve and analyze evidence with the help of professional investigators and, when necessary, accident reconstruction experts. While it may sound like the stuff of television crime dramas, forensic evidence is an important tool in developing a solid case for our clients who have been injured by a motor vehicle, defective product or dangerous place.

As an injury law firm in Pensacola, we use our knowledge of the law and our courtroom skills to get you fair compensation. Insurance companies are often willing to settle with our firm for the maximum policy limit once they realize we are armed with hard evidence and fully prepared to take your case to trial.

Some of the experts with whom we routinely work include:

  • Personal injury investigators gather evidence to support the claim that there was negligence and, therefore, liability.
  • Accident reconstructionists have special skills that allow them to determine what, how, and why an accident occurred. They know how to analyze the physical evidence in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. They may even be able to tell whether a car’s lights were on at the time of an accident.
  • Medical experts are often physicians with experience in a particular area. They can attest to the type and severity of your injury, including your prognosis.
  • Because injuries are not always strictly physical, psychologists are an invaluable resource and can address your emotional needs.
  • Economists can help calculate financial losses associated with your injury, including the impact of loss of earning capacity, fringe benefits, union benefits, pensions and 401(k) plans

The success of your case may depend on the evidence we collect and the testimony that these experts, among others, provide. They are as integral a part of your legal team as your personal injury attorneys. While we are judicious in their use, we rely on them when needed to provide the technical backbone of a solid case.

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