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Pensacola Attorneys Provide Caring Counsel in Children’s Injury Cases


Representing the needs of injured children and their families

We watch over our children. We make sure that they are cared for and protected. Unfortunately, we cannot protect them from every possible risk. When they are injured in an accident, their needs may be great and long-term.

At the AV®-rated personal injury law firm of Baker & Baker in Pensacola, we know the emotional and medical costs that come with taking care of an injured child. As children’s injury lawyers, we make sure your child gets the compensation necessary to ensure the fullest possible recovery. As parents and members of the Escambia County community, we want to make sure that everyone responsible for your child’s injury is held accountable.

Children’s accidents on the Gulf Coast


  • Car accidents. Virtually every state — including Florida and Alabama — has child seat requirements, but a defective product is worthless. Moreover, auto industry and government safety regulators have long known that it’s difficult to design a crashworthy car that equally protects the adult driver and the child passenger. Safe design for a grown-up can expose a child to hazards, including airbags and neck supports.


  • Bike and pedestrian accidents. Children are adventurous and often unaware of the dangers around them. So when a driver hits a child who is walking or biking, the courts rightly hold the driver to a higher standard than the child.
  • Boating accidents. Some of the most tragic boating accidents involving children are among the most preventable. Making sure that a child is wearing a life jacket is the single most important safety measure a parent can take. When negligence by a boat operator — including speeding, recklessness or operating while under the influence of drugs or alcohol — is the cause of your child’s injury, we make sure the boat operator is held liable.

No matter what the cause of your child’s injury, our investigation of an accident will always look to the circumstances that might have caused a particular injury to the victim. We also know that the recovery experience for children is different from that of adults. Because fractures and soft tissue injuries can be complicated by the child’s growth, it can be difficult to arrive at a prognosis for many children’s injuries.

We work with outstanding pediatric, orthopedic and child development experts to ensure that we understand the full impact of an accident injury on your child. We don’t recommend accepting a settlement offer until we’re confident that it’s adequate to meet future treatment needs.

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