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Experienced Representation by Our Back Injury Lawyers


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At the Pensacola personal injury law firm of Baker & Baker, we have seen what a back injury can mean: a mountain of medical expenses, lost workdays, and even the inability to ever work again. Severe back injuries can disturb normal bodily functions and, when it includes spinal cord damage, it can cause paralysis.

Even when a permanent injury isn’t a disabling injury, you can still expect pain, discomfort, limited mobility, future treatment needs, and degenerative conditions. As your experienced back injury lawyers, we consult your treating physicians, rehabilitation specialists, radiologists and neurologists so we can present the scope of your injuries in clear and understandable terms.

Our goal is always to make sure that the responsible parties pay for the damage they have caused you and your loved ones. We investigate and aggressively pursue every avenue of compensation to make sure you find justice.

Types of accident-related back injuries


Soft tissue injuries, sometimes referred to as low-impact injuries, can happen in auto accidents at even relatively low speeds. Connective tissues and muscles can be stretched to the point of tearing. When that happens, it may also affect the nerves in your back. If you have ever experienced back pain, you know how bad it is. Under some circumstances, that pain can be chronic.

Compression fractures occur when pressure on the spine, typically in the thoracic (mid-spine) area, causes the bones in the spine to collapse. Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents are common causes of compression fractures. Older adults are especially vulnerable to compression fractures; however, a severe compression fracture at any age may cause debilitating pain, reduced mobility and declining health.

Paraplegia and quadriplegia are forms of paralysis caused by severe spinal cord damage. Damage to the lumbar or sacral nerves (those in the lower back) generally cause loss of use or problems with the legs, and with sexual, bowel and bladder functions. Thoracic nerve damage is more serious, affecting the stomach and chest muscles. Cervical nerves are closest to the head, and vertebral damage to the neck poses the greatest medical risk.

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