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Diligent Boating Accident Lawyers in Pensacola Represent the Interests of Victims

Our AV® Preeminentrated attorney can help you navigate a boating accident injury lawsuit

With nearly 1,200 miles of shoreline and 11,000 miles of streams, rivers and waterways, it is no wonder that boating is one of Florida’s favorite pastimes. On top of that, there’s commercial shipping, which is an important part of the Gulf region’s economy.

What happens when an enjoyable time on the water turns to tragedy? As Pensacola boating accident lawyers, we at Baker & Baker know that injuries on the water — whether they occur in the Gulf, on Lake Talquin or on a pond — can be frightening and dangerous. And when they are caused by the reckless behavior of another boater or by a defect in the boat, someone has to be held accountable for your injuries.

When you retain us, we are your advocates. We have spent our lives in and around the water, and bring our experience and our legal skills to bear as your boating accident lawyers. We serve clients in Pensacola, across the Panhandle and throughout the Emerald Coast.

How recreational boating accidents happen

While the average driver doesn’t think twice about wearing a seatbelt, looking both ways before turning, yielding the right of way and not drinking and driving, people out for sun and fun may throw caution to the wind. As boating accident lawyers in Pensacola since 1986, we know that some of the most common causes of boating accidents include:

  • Reckless operation of a boat, including speeding.
  • Distracted boating (including texting while operating a boat).
  • Failure to yield to other watercraft.
  • Failure to use required safety devices, such as life preservers.
  • Getting caught in dangerous weather conditions.
  • Boating while drinking or using drugs.

Your accident might have involved a collision with another watercraft, or an onboard explosion. You might have been a swimmer injured by a reckless boat operator. Regardless, we are familiar with the legal, procedural and evidentiary challenges your case may present. We handle all types of accidents on the water, and are prepared to negotiate a fair settlement or, if it is in your best interest, take your case to court in cases of:

  • Waterskiing accidents.
  • Jet Ski and personal watercraft accidents.
  • Wakeboard and kneeboard injuries.
  • Rafting or tubing injuries.
  • Drunk boating accidents.
  • Boat crashes on the open water, in marinas or at public access docks.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you get justice through compensation for your boat accident injury

Whether you are a resident of the Pensacola area or are a visitor to the Gulf Coast who was injured on one of our waterways, we are here to help. To schedule a consultation to discuss your case, please call us at 850-316-8247 or contact us online. We collect an attorney’s fee only if we collect compensation for you.

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